“I’m not interesting”

Let me tell you a story.

Meet Sam. She lives out in the country in Manitoba, Canada, where it snows quite a lot throughout the year. She’s grown up with the snow, it’s just part of life. There’s nothing really that interesting about it…it’s just snow, after all.

Meet Michael. He lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has never seen snow in his life and has no idea what it’s like to live in a place where it snows.

One day, Sam decides to start a video series about what it’s like to live in Canada.

She makes a video about walking outside into the snow. She shivers and breathes out, watching her breath tumble away from her and evaporate into the icy air. Sam chats about how the snow makes her hands lock up if she doesn’t have her gloves on, and dashes back inside to grab them.

Every week that winter, Sam makes a video about her little town. Snowplows drive by, pushing up massive hills of snow onto the sides of the road. People walk by with several layers of clothes on, with those little toques with the bob on top.

To Sam, this might seem overall a bit uninteresting. She sees it all the time, she grew up with it.

But to Michael, these videos are fascinating. He laughs at the snowplow driving by and wonders what it’s like to be so cold your hands freeze up. He loves Sam’s weekly videos.

To be interesting, you just need to be you.

Interesting is subjective.

You might not think your life is interesting, but you can’t truly objectively state that. You only have your own experience.

When you say your life is uninteresting, you are telling other people that you are in charge of their opinions about you.

To you, they don’t get to decide if you’re interesting or not, because it’s not up to them, right?

You do not have the right to tell anyone else what they do or do not find interesting.

There have been videos I’ve released that I’m not proud of. They felt boring, bland, and remarkably uninteresting. Some of these videos have received comments from people saying it was wonderful and they really resonated with it.

It showed me that my opinion on my life and my work is my opinion, not anyone else’s. I never know how my next video is going to resonate with someone else.

Still struggling with the “interesting” concept?

Maybe you’re not convinced yet. You still don’t think your life is interesting enough to make videos about.

Here’s a different question you can ask:

“What can I do to make today interesting for me?”

If your life isn’t interesting to you, how could you change that? How could you record what you do throughout the day in a way that makes it look compelling to you?

When I’m going through my week and I realize I haven’t been filming much which will end up resulting in a short and terrible vlog, I grab my camera and do something. I might tell a story, show something I’m doing from a new perspective, or give a life update.

I force myself to think creatively so I can meet my commitment. If you want to create, it’s time to get creative!

One of the best ways to create fresh and new content is to tell your story in pieces. We’ll get into what it can look like to tell your story on the next page.

Remember, you don’t get to tell people they can’t find you interesting. Your life can be interesting to anyone who hasn’t lived it, which is quite a lot of people.