The benefits of vlogging

The idea of vlogging might sound great and all, but once you start adding up the investment of time and possibly money, the question of “is this even worth it?” will inevitably arise.

The question of return on investment is a good one to explore. Why bother starting something if it has no tangible benefits?

Here are a few of the benefits and returns that I (and others) have seen as a result of starting a vlog:

1. A vlog builds trust with your audience

Whether you’re building a business, growing a brand, or just wanting to do something as an individual, arguably the most important thing you need is trust.

From a business standpoint, you want to sell more products, get more customers or clients, and stay in business (and hopefully grow!). If nobody knows who you are or has any confidence in your business, what makes you think they’ll actually buy from you?

Anything you’re wanting to do starts with trust. Companies spend thousands, even millions of dollars on advertising, marketing, and branding to build a sense of awareness and familiarity, to increase trust from their potential customers.

From the moment we are born, we are learning who we can trust.

2. A vlog gives you something to look back at

May 22, 2016. The day my daughter Melody was born.

From a vlogging perspective, it was a disaster. I had recorded nearly the entire thing: leaving the house, driving to the hospital, getting settled, the little breaks I would take to recap what was going on, to finally meeting our new daughter.

I recorded our first daughter Rylynn meeting Melody for the first time. I recorded family and friends coming in, the tears and laughter and joy.

As I went to edit together the footage, I discovered that the SD card was corrupted. I had lost everything.

Dealing with lost footage is a story for another time, but not to be daunted, I pulled out my iPhone and recorded a short several-minute clip in the hospital room with Melody. I uploaded it and went back to my family.

A vlog is little pieces of history just waiting to be remembered.

This is just one of thousands of memories I can rewatch and relive whenever I want. In 2016 my family and I moved from California to Ireland, one of the most significant life changes I’ve ever experienced.

Because I was vlogging, I have videos of final moments with family, little subtleties and memories I might have forgotten later. I’ve even gone back to watch the video where we drove to the airport many times since then.

These are only a few examples of tangible, watchable memories that you can capture and keep with you forever.

3. A vlog keeps you creative

If you decide to produce a vlog on a consistent basis (more on that later), sooner or later you’ll start to feel like you’ve already said everything you have to say and you’ve shown everything you have to show.

This is a remarkably common feeling, and I assure you unless you record and upload every single second of your life or subject matter, you’ll never run out.

Creativity is required when it comes to vlogging. Discovering your voice, your style, and even the type of content you want to make requires a level of creativity.

Forcing yourself to create something new on a regular basis keeps you on your creative toes. It gives you the opportunity to introduce new concepts and challenges for yourself, or deliver your message in a fresh new way to your audience.

As long as you have the desire to learn and improve, starting a vlog may be the thing your creative muscles have been aching for.

4. A vlog builds relationships

One of the strangest (and coolest) moments in recents years was meeting up with a couple who were watchers of my vlog and were going to be in Dublin for their honeymoon.

They reached out to me, we met up in the city for coffee, and we had a fantastic time.

This is only one example. I’ve had great conversations with people all around the world because I put myself and my work out there for them to interact with.

As you vlog, you actually start to build relationships with people online because they feel like they know you.

It also improves your ability to share your life with friends and family who aren’t near you. When I moved with my family to Ireland in 2016, I took my vlogging habit with me. My family in the States often thanks me for my videos because it helps them feel like we’re still connected.

5. A vlog demonstrates your knowledge or expertise

Finally, one of the greatest advantages of having a vlog is the ability to share what you know.

There are more articles than I can count on why you should be sharing and teaching what you know, especially as a company or a brand, so I won’t get into that here.

When you put your work out into the world and demonstrate you know what you’re talking about, you’re going to attract attention (we’ll talk more about attention later on).

One of the best truths about a vlog is that a vlog can be whatever you want it to be. You don’t have to make it exactly how anyone else is doing it. All you need to do is make it your own and people who find it interesting will follow.

Vlogging doesn’t automatically make you an authority on an issue, but it is simply a platform through which you can express your viewpoints, expertise, and skill. The more you show it, the more you prove it.

Next up I want to address some misconceptions about vlogging and why there’s no reason you can’t start vlogging today.